Faced with unprecedented challenges, hospitals leverage a variety of tools and strategies to meet a vast need for virtual care.
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Make Every Dollar Count

Health IT leaders have long worked to control costs. Detrimental financial effects of the pandemic are causing them to shift priorities and think differently.

Product Review

Scan and Deliver

Portable and insightful, this handheld tool relays critical information for strong care delivery.

Product Review

Something to Talk About

The headset delivers high-quality audio and easy connectivity that benefits remote staff and care teams.

Get Smart

Stage a Cybersecurity Fire Drill

To assess vulnerabilities and response readiness, conduct exercises that simulate serious digital threats.


Virtual Care’s Big Moment

Moving the annual conference online isn’t just about safety. For this group, it’s symbolic.

FAQ Five

Improve Your Video Calls

Addressing technical concerns upfront can help to ensure trouble-free communication and collaboration from a distance.

IT Futurist

Ready to Roll

From sanitizing rooms to delivering supplies, the machines offer relief and boost morale in busy environments.

Tech Tips

Connect with Caution

Critical to secure remote work, virtual private networks can be compromised. Here’s how to keep threat actors at bay.

Security Save

Home Security

With millions connecting to their clinicians from a distance, IT teams must ensure online discussions and patient details are protected. Here’s what to do.



Change Agents

Leaders discuss the evolution, challenges and opportunities of their roles, which shape how nurses and IT teams deliver care.


Forget Trust, Just Verify

As the network perimeter dissolves, healthcare organizations turn to highly segmented security measures for better visibility and restricted access.


Distance Learning

Mobile devices and collaboration platforms help clinicians perform rounding duties safely (and efficiently) from anywhere.


Untethered Access

Safe and scalable tools allow employees to work from anywhere without sacrificing quality care or exposing valuable data.


Letter From the Editor

Care Comes Home

It didn’t take long for patients and providers to embrace telehealth. The future, though exciting, holds many questions.

Contributor Column

Make IT Work with Managed Services

Whether the effort is large or small, a trusted partner can oversee critical functions that support care delivery — and help save money too.

Contributor Column

What Does Telehealth’s Legal Future Hold?

Sudden adoption of virtual care brings long-term legal challenges as the platform’s popularity outlasts the pandemic.