Jul 16 2020

Review: The Honeywell Xenon Extreme Performance 1952h

Portable and insightful, this handheld tool relays critical information for strong care delivery.

Barcode scanning plays an important role within any modern healthcare system, and it’s arguably even more valuable during a pandemic. 

By quickly processing health records — as well as identifying labels that track medications, specimen samples, lifesaving equipment and patient badges — the technology is essential to efficient care delivery, regardless of the situation or severity. 

The Honeywell Xenon Extreme Performance 1952h healthcare scanner gives clinicians access and connectivity at the point of care. The cordless device can perform 450 scans from a single 60-second charge (a longer charge time greatly extends longevity). A rapid-charge function and no heavy battery ensure this nimble scanner is ready at any time. 

It also minimizes problems associated with dead batteries, such as manual overrides and unnecessary IT support calls. Typically, when a barcode scanner malfunctions, an administrator must travel to the location of the scanner to replace the broken unit with a functional unit — or let the device charge for several hours, taking it out of circulation when it could be needed most. 

Given heightened sanitation measures, the wireless scanner’s ability to be quickly cleaned without damage to the device is even more important. The cordless design eliminates the risk of shock or tripping during frequent wipe-downs. 

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The Healthcare Scanner Possesses Portable Power

Perhaps the best feature of the Honeywell Scanner Management Utility tool is Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence software, which delivers on-demand scan insights, enabling higher healthcare worker productivity and throughput. 

Although deploying scanners in populous environments can also be challenging, the Honeywell Scanner Management Utility tool automates the way hospitals and healthcare clinics can deploy units and updates scanners at their locations when needed.

The device’s physical design, meanwhile, ensures that it’s ready for anything: The Xenon XP 1952h scanner is lighter and more durable than most barcode scanners in its class. It is built to withstand 2,000 tumbles from half a meter (about 1.6 feet) above the floor, and 50 drops from 6 feet up. 

Another benefit is greater compatibility. Honeywell achieved this by including Xenon XP series software that makes the device backward-compatible with the Xenon 1900g and 1902g — including power supplies, cables and configuration barcodes. With a simple firmware update, the Xenon XP 1952h is even compatible with older scanner bases, saving organizations from replacement and upgrade costs.

Vastly increased workloads and safety measures mean clinicians need all the help they can get. Innovative scanners like the Xenon Extreme Performance 1952h provide one more way to conquer evolving challenges.

Honeywell Xenon Extreme Performance 1952h

Barcode scanners like the Honeywell Xenon Performance 1952h have become more important than ever in healthcare.

Putting the Xenon Extreme Performance 1952h to Work

During a recent visit to a local healthcare clinic to watch the Xenon Extreme Performance 1952h in action, it was clear that one of its biggest benefits is the freedom of movement and portability the device affords caretakers. 

Honeywell healthcare devices are made with disinfectant-ready plastics, and cordless models carry less potential for exposure to bacteria and viruses. This is critical for the busy providers I observed who, like all caretakers, must quickly move from task to task without compromising anyone’s safety.

The product also brings peace of mind and mobility: With the ability to fully charge in 60 seconds, the Xenon XP 1952h scans at up to 33 feet from its base, making it ideal for patient care applications — such as medicine administration or specimen collection — at the bedside. 

Additionally, multiple comfort modes are available and designed to ensure patients feel at ease around the equipment. These modes include a “do not disturb” feature, as well as vibration and scan lamp modes.

These are just a few of the features that demonstrate real value when put into action. They’re poised to benefit any practice that integrates the scanner into its workflows.


SCANS PER CHARGE: Up to 50,000
BATTERY LIFE: Up to 14 hours
RANGE: 33 feet from base
CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth 4.2
DIMENSIONS: 2.5x3.9x6.5 inches
WEIGHT: 7.76 ounces


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