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Know Your Network

Networking modernization


Know Your Network

Upgrading your networking infrastructure starts with knowing your healthcare organization’s existing network. Find out how networking assessments can help healthcare IT teams with their modernization efforts.


Modernize Healthcare Networks

networking modernization


Modernize Healthcare Networks

Upgrading to a modern wireless standard such as Wi-Fi 6E frees up space for healthcare organizations’ growing Internet of Medical Things ecosystems. Learn how expert guidance can support health systems’ digital transformation goals.

Modernize Your Network with Wi-Fi 6E

As healthcare organizations adopt more Internet of Medical Things devices, upgrading their network infrastructure can support performance.
Here’s what you need to know about the differences between Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, and how Wi-Fi 6E supports healthcare workloads. Support Healthcare Workflows >
Switching to the new wireless standard can set up a healthcare organization’s network infrastructure for success. Modernize Healthcare Networks >
Before making the shift to Wi-Fi 6E, healthcare organizations need to know how to maximize it within their IT ecosystem. Begin the Process >
It’s important for healthcare organizations to ensure their IT infrastructure is compatible with Wi-Fi 6E before modernizing. Refine Network Modernization >

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