With the solution’s prominence on the rise, experts discuss its potential to help patients, providers, researchers and more.
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Point-to-Point Patient Care

In the face of natural disasters, the Michigan health information exchange director calls data sharing a necessity.

Get Smart

Mobilize Your Workforce

Before deploying smartphones or tablets to staff, make sure to consider your organization’s needs and capabilities.

Get Smart

Out with the Old

Decommissioning aging technologies that pose operational and security risks is a difficult but essential process for providers.

Security Save

Stretch the Boundaries of Protection

Environmental scans and regular system checks can help to reduce cyberthreats against healthcare organizations.

Product Review

A Small Wonder

Despite its size, this workstation can handle applications of all types, making it ideal for healthcare professionals.

IT Futurist

Imaging On the Go

Point-of-care and smartphone-enabled sonography devices can streamline care and engage patients.

Tech Tips

Make the Most of Mobility

Deploy reliable and secure Wi-Fi to optimize IoT for patient care and provider performance.

Tech Tips

Divide and Conquer

Separate devices based on trust levels and use in order to conquer cybersecurity threats.



Chain Reaction

With the solution’s prominence on the rise, experts discuss its potential to help patients, providers, researchers and more.


Strategy for Stability

Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions can be used to enhance performance and scalability.


Flow Management

For care teams, infrastructure upgrades can enhance application visibility and, in turn, forge a path forward for digital transformation and compliance.


Foundation for Information

Providers are developing infrastructures to take advantage of Big Data to improve operational efficiency and patient care.


Complementary Upgrades

Providers turn to a variety of technology solutions to boost productivity, efficiency and patient care.


From the Editor

Think Big Picture

When deploying new tools, facilities should first prioritize infrastructure modernization.

Contributor Column

Listen, Learn and Adapt

To cut back on collaboration complications, healthcare leaders must embrace technology and teamwork.

Contributor Column

The Business of Health IT Leadership

As patient care evolves, provider technology executives are growing more adaptive and thinking outside the digital box.