Aug 07 2018

5 FAQs to Fuel Provider Mobile Deployments

Before deploying smartphones or tablets to staff, make sure to consider your organization’s needs and capabilities.

Provider organizations increasingly turn to mobile tools to enhance staff productivity and improve the ­quality of care delivered. But such efforts involve more than just the use of smartphones or tablets by ­clinicians and staff.

Here are answers to some common queries about deployment:

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1. How should hospitals approach security for mobile tool deployment?

Federal penalties can be severe when failures occur, so make sure that security, acceptable use and BYOD policies are in place, along with training and policy reinforcement. Identity management solutions are also advisable, especially in a BYOD environment.

2. How can increased mobility in healthcare organizations benefit patient engagement?

Enabling network access for patient devices for scheduling, facility navigation, records access, communication and web browsing can go a long way toward enhancing outcomes. The easier it is to obtain and manage healthcare information, the more engaged patients will be.

3. What devices are best suited for different staff and caregivers?

In many cases, commercial, off-the-shelf devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks are fine. Solutions specifically designed for healthcare are also available, with the advantages of locked-down, mission-specific functionality, management and security.

4. What are typical MDM needs for healthcare facilities?

Mobile device management needs include configuration optimization, system and app software updates, integrity management and backup. For full regulatory compliance, additional security provisions may be required and usually are implemented by the specific solution applied.

5. What does increased use of mobile devices mean for a healthcare organization’s ability to utilize cloud-based services?

The cloud makes it easy to deploy, scale, collaborate and customize mobile functionality rapidly, reliably and anywhere it’s required.

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