For rural communities, telemedicine can offer a lifeline to around-the-clock and pediatric care.

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Tech Focus


As healthcare organizations seek flexibility in data storage, HealthTech weighs the perception of potential cyberthreats with reality.

Security Save

Avoid Mobile Security Bumbs

To ensure smooth enterprise mobility management efforts, providers must balance access and protection needs.


Take the Long View

Maturing virtual reality and wearable tools can help create a positive aging experience, even in communities with fewer resources.

Product Review

Rx for Accurate Care

Speed, accuracy and durability help the device ensure patient safety.

Product Review

Room to Grow

Learn about the new Cisco UCS S3260 storage server that combines industry-standard 4 RU form factor with the powerful Cisco UCS Manager software.

Tech Trends

Pointed Strategy

Strategies and technologies evolve to respond to an ever-growing threat landscape.

IT Futurist

Image Perception

By taking advantage of deep-learning technology, healthcare organizations push the boundaries of traditional radiology and imaging analysis.

Security Save

Healthcare organizations must practice better data hygiene to stay ahead of looming cyberthreats.



Build a Reservoir

Accessibility and organization of information are key to a successful healthcare data storage repository.


No Strings Attached

Segmentation and standardization are among the strategies deployed by network administrators to get the most out of the network and reduce risks to patient care.


Desktop to Go

Onsite and remote employees benefit from better workflow and fewer disruptions.


Storm Watch

As providers rely more heavily on IT, backup solutions will help ensure facilities don’t compromise uptime.


Letter From the Editor

Readiness Is All

Technology prepares provider organizations to protect patients and staff from growing threats.

Contributor Column

Care Without Borders

The technology’s use and support for coverage increase as evidence of success continues to grow.