Nov 19 2019

Software-Defined Solutions Improve Automation and Control

Seattle-based Proliance Surgeons recently upgraded to software-defined networking enabled by the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure. The benefits are already evident, enhancing the management and efficiency of the company’s networks and improving both clinician and patient satisfaction.

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    • Lisa Evans, User Support Services Manager, Proliance Surgeons
    • Curt Kwak, CIO, Proliance Surgeons
    • Kim Blosser, IT Applications Services Manager, Proliance Surgeons
    • William Khampradith, Enterprise Security Architect, Proliance Surgeons

Video Highlights

  • With the IT infrastructure for Proliance Surgeons already on its last legs, the specialty surgery group needed a way to address their system's end of life.
  • The healthcare company opted for an SDN solution that offered a positive user experience through fully functional applications.
  • Proliance's new SDN solution has enabled physicians and medical staff to no longer worry about the reliance of applications or their network, but rather focus on what they do best: taking care of their patients.