Jul 05 2019

Edge Computing Presents a New Set of Capabilities for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have acquired an incredible amount of data in recent years, and many are looking to enrich that data to make more informed decisions. Although adoption of IoT and edge computing technologies have been limited in healthcare so far, some experts predict an explosion of use cases in the near to immediate future. At the HIMSS 2019 Conference, HealthTech spoke with industry leaders about the benefits that edge computing can offer to healthcare organizations.

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    David Frumkin, IoT Digital Business Solution Architect, CDW

    Phillip G. Haritos, Senior Technology Evangelist, Healthcare & Government, Zebra Technologies

    Troy Yoder, Americas Healthcare Lead, Cisco Systems

Video Highlights

  • Adoption of edge computing can offer real-time access to data and increased patient safety.
  • By collecting data closer to the source, organizations can reduce their total cost of storage and transport.
  • IoT paves the way for smart associations, taking the manual tasks of today and making them automated.