Aug 16 2021

HIMSS21: Securing Endpoints Beyond Hospital Walls

The COVID-19 pandemic has moved some healthcare support staff to remote work, while patients and physicians turn to virtual care. The tech that enabled changes is here to stay, and healthcare organizations need manage their networks securely to protect patient data. Three experts address today’s biggest challenges to endpoint security and explain how healthcare organizations can protect themselves into the future.

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    Tom Stafford, Healthcare CTO, CDW

    Christopher Logan, Executive Healthcare Advisor, Global Industries Group, VMware

    Troy Yoder, Global Healthcare Leader, Public Sector, Cisco

Video Highlights

  • It’s now harder to secure healthcare environments, because data no longer resides within the four walls of the data center, and endpoints can be anywhere.
  • Zero trust is key to healthcare organizations’ efforts to secure their environments. Creating proper network segmentation is the first step to achieving zero trust.
  • Automation allows secure access to thousands of different devices without burdening healthcare IT departments.