Apr 19 2023

HIMSS23: It Takes Agile Change Management to Compete with Healthcare Disruptors

Consumerization is a buzzword in the health IT space today as companies such as CVS and Amazon alter consumer expectations around how they want to engage with healthcare. With an influx of digital solutions, healthcare organizations must be intentional about the technologies they adopt as part of their digital transformation strategies. The successful implementation of digital health tools and solutions may require a culture change, shifting an organization toward agile IT governance.

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    Sophy Lu, Senior Vice President and CIO, Northwell Health

    Doug McMillian, Healthcare Strategist, CDW

Video Highlights

  • Health IT leaders should leverage their own healthcare expertise as well as innovative approaches from industry disruptors as they approach digital transformation.
  • Healthcare organizations have several areas of governance, including operational and IT, that must work together to achieve agility.
  • Today’s healthcare CIOs need to be business partners to their organizations and consider how technology can enable them to achieve business goals.