Apr 20 2023

HIMSS23: The Growing Importance of the Chief Nursing Informatics Officer

The nursing shortage worsened during the pandemic as burnout drove many nurses out of healthcare. The nurses remaining in the industry are often dealing with documentation burden and tasks that take them away from patients. A chief nursing informatics officer advocates for nurses and amplifies their voices in health IT decision-making. ChristianaCare CNIO Katherine Collard explains how she involves patients in technology implementations and how solutions such as the Moxi robot can help nurses get back to patient care.

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    Katherine Collard, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, ChristianaCare

Video Highlights

  • The Chief Nursing Informatics Officer needs to create opportunities for nurses’ voices to be heard and for their ideas to be considered.
  • ChristianaCare implemented the Moxi robot in May 2022 to handle “hunting and gathering” tasks, as well as prescription delivery.
  • As a result, pharmacy techs can stay in the pharmacy to help fill prescriptions and respond to nurses’ pharmacy needs.