Apr 27 2023

HIMSS23: How Collecting the Right Data Can Improve Health Equity

Collecting social determinants of health data provides clinicians with information about nonmedical factors affecting a patient’s health. With this added context, care teams can personalize care, which can lead to better patient outcomes. SDOH initiatives can play a major role in improving health equity, but it’s important that patient data is available to all providers within a health system to ensure quality care throughout a patient’s care journey.

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    Dr. Claudia Fegan, Chief Medical Officer, Cook County Health

    Kimberly Clarke, Vice President and Assistant CIO, West Virginia University Health System


Video Highlights

  • Cook County Health asks patients about domestic violence, food insecurity and homelessness to provide resources and ensure that care plans meet patient needs.
  • West Virginia University Health System standardized its electronic health record throughout the health system to ensure clinicians have access to the same information regardless of location.
  • Data visualization of social determinants of health data can help healthcare organizations determine where to allocate resources.