Virtual visits and postpartum monitoring from home can help healthcare providers improve the experience for expecting and new parents.
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#ATA2021: Importance of Equity

This year’s ATA Conference and Expo included health leaders sharing their experiences bringing care to communities that need it the most.

Product Review

Small and Mighty

Speed up patient processing and reduce wait times with this portable device.

Product Review

Get the Complete Picture

A small footprint supports a large, crystal-clear display.

IT Futurist

Striking a Nerve

The use of AI in medical imaging continues to expand, and a new tool can help anesthesiologists deliver quicker and more accurate care.

Tech Tips

Keep It Simple and Secure

Whether you’re looking to adopt a new tool or maximize your experience, these tips can help you get the most out of this unified management solution.

Security Save

A Prescription for Device Defense

A recent report identified vulnerabilities in Internet of Things firmware. Healthcare systems should take note to secure the many devices on their networks.

FAQ Five

Get Friendly with SASE

Here’s how secure access service edge can work for organizations undergoing cloud migration.

Fact or Fallacy

Ransomware Still Looms Large

To better protect their data and systems, healthcare organizations must be able to separate truth from fiction.


Optimizing Security and Patient Care

The hospital’s chief medical information officer tells HealthTech that a partnership with Cisco strengthened its ability to deliver high-quality care to patients.



Built to Connect

From AI-powered analytics to storing large data sets, cloud solutions enable hospitals to improve patient outcomes and streamline operations.


Vaccination Adaptations

Healthcare organizations across the U.S. turned to their IT teams to stand up systems and processes during the mass campaign to vaccinate people against COVID-19.


Care on Wheels

Mobile clinics across the U.S. close a critical gap by bringing essential healthcare to underserved communities.


Access Versus Security

As the care option skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, providers worked to keep it secure and safeguard patient data.


Contributor Column

A Stronger IT Response Enhances Patient Care

Cybersecurity should be considered an essential part of protecting patients’ health.

From the Editor

Care Comes to You

With strengthened telehealth options and programs such as mobile clinics, healthcare systems are able to meet patients where they are in their communities.

Contributor Column

Reframing AI Learning in Healthcare

Training artificial intelligence systems in healthcare requires extensive data, which can lead to privacy and regulatory issues. Federated learning is one solution.