Jul 22 2021

Review: Fujitsu fi-800R Scanner Improves Healthcare Workflows

Speed up patient processing and reduce wait times with this portable device.

Cutting down the time to process patients and ensuring they spend less time in waiting rooms are key goals in any healthcare setting. But staff members often face massive amounts of paperwork to get through, including registration forms, waivers and ID cards.

Providers are always looking for ways to reduce operational inefficiencies so they can spend more time with patients. The Fujitsu fi-800R scanner is an effective solution to these challenges. This robust document-imaging scanner is capable of fast and intuitive end-to-end scanning, enabling teams to spend less time on paperwork and more time on patient care. Staff can efficiently digitize, organize and share patient information across networks quickly and accurately.

The Lean Machine Is Light but Speedy

In testing, the fi-800R offered easy setup and an intuitive design that made operations simple and effective. This scanner is smaller and lighter than many of its ­competitors. Yet the speed and duty cycle resembles a full-size enterprise scanner more than a portable model. This balance of powerful features in a trim form factor makes it a fitting device for self-registration kiosks or any other modern healthcare environment that requires an always-on, reliable scanning tool.

Fujitsu fi-800R


Key Scanning Features of the Fujitsu fi-800R Scanner

The fi-800R’s powerful Return Scan feature allows clinicians to quickly and easily scan thick documents such as ID cards and even passports using the designated exit slot on the front side. During testing, it digitized a passport by pulling and ejecting the document through the same slot instead of pulling the object in one slot and ejecting it from another. In seconds, it provided a crystal-clear representation without otherwise harming the original document.

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The U-Turn Scan feature lets users scan documents ­without requiring input and ­output slots. This reduces the space needed to scan, making the machine compact. With this feature, sheets perform a U-turn into the output tray that stands nearly upright, much different from using a cumbersome long tray that often also requires a big desktop footprint to operate. Best of all, the fi-800R scans 8.3-by-11.7-inch A4 portrait documents at a speedy 40 pages per minute (at a resolution of 200
or 300 dpi).

The Fujitsu fi-800R scanner helps healthcare organizations speed up patient processing while streamlining care and maintaining accuracy.


SCAN SPEED: 40 pages per minute/80 impressions per minute
CAPACITY: 20-page automatic document feeder for batch scanning
FEATURES: Return and U-Turn Scan
ACCURACY: Active Skew Correction


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