Hospitals across the country are upping patient care and provider communication with low-cost, high-payoff devices.

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Taking Measure

Make IT Growth a Business Decision

Scalability needs push IT leaders out of physical spaces and into the cloud.

Tech Tips

Send a Message

Workflow and intent must be top of mind for organizations as they set secure texting deployment strategies.


Innovation Engine

Provider avatars are one of many tools used by the organization to improve workflow and education.

Product Review

Rugged Mobility

A long battery life makes the mobile computer ideal for busy healthcare professionals.

Tech Trends

Time-Saving Strategy

As the use of apps grows, SSO technology helps streamline workflow and cut costs.

IT Futurist

Fit to Print

Doctors are looking to the technology to print prespecified organs for more personalized care.



Identity Crisis

Safety concerns fuel the adoption and creation of technologies like palm-vein biometric scanners.


Heart of Care

Some diseases take life before it has a chance to begin, but at-risk children and seeing the benefits of improved healthcare analytics.


Remote Control

Portals, apps and other interactive tools are helping healthcare organizations more closely connect with its patient population, and better satisfy their needs.


Cut a Path

An influx of digital data and a move toward value-based care is revolutionizing the industry.


Speaking from Experience

Information Innovation

As reimbursement models evolve to reward value over volume, the importance of technology partnerships grows.

Letter From the Editor

Successful Measures

Through innovation, healthcare organizations are bolstering provider workflow and patient outcomes.

Contributor Column

A Shared Drive

Stakeholders will need to come together to improve falling patient engagement.

Contributor Column

Man vs. Machine

As medical professionals continue to turn to machine-learning technology like IBM Watson to boost diagnosis and treatment, we address myths and truths about introducing AI for healthcare.