Cooperation between government and the healthcare industry is the best medicine for evolving digital threats.

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IT Guardians at the Virtual Gate: Mark Jarrett

The senior vice president and chief quality officer of Northwell Health offers advice on how policy change can build a better cybersecurity ecosystem.


IT Guardians at the Virtual Gate: Matt Klein

The CISO of the Medical University of South Carolina offers insight on strategies to combat looming cyberthreats.


IT Guardians at the Virtual Gate: Theresa Meadows

The senior vice president and CIO for Cook Children’s Health Care System reveals how to tackle the biggest security threats.


IT Guardians at the Virtual Gate: Jackie Monson

The chief privacy and information security officer of Sutter Health reveals how healthcare organizations can pre-emptively address data privacy issues.


IT Guardians at the Virtual Gate: Ram Ramadoss

The vice president of privacy and information security for Catholic Health Initiatives speaks about the unique challenges of security for provider organizations.

Taking Measure

Information Revelation

Enhance your enterprise warehouse strategy to boost efficiency and slash operational costs.

Tech Trends

Traffic Watch

Healthcare organizations track application use to cut bottlenecks and maximize uptime.

Product Review

Lightweight Features, Heavyweight Power

Flexible form makes this convertible device ideal for busy clinicians on the go.

IT Futurist

Track and Trace

Sensor-based and wearable monitoring technologies promise to aid chronic-care management.

Security Save

Infection Protection

Stay ahead of growing ransomware threats by implementing a well-planned, layered strategy.

Tech Tips

Expand Your Coverage Plan

Proper placement of access points and medical devices throughout healthcare organizations helps to ensure optimal wireless performance.



Piece by Piece

Firewalls and other security tools help providers boost their network immune systems.


Screen Savers

Using telemedicine technology, physicians expand their reach and improve job satisfaction.


On the Road

High-tech ambulances speed neurology treatment and help providers save lives.


Form Follows Function

Wrist-worn devices and analytics provide data to alert against harmful patterns.


Contributor Column

Balancing Act

As healthcare organizations evolve their infrastructure strategies, they must weigh flexibility with cost savings.

Letter From the Editor

Analytical Approach

Big Data tools help improve efficiencies and cut costs for providers, hold potential to bolster senior living communities.

Contributor Column

Build a Security Culture

Meridith McGinnis, security officer at Concordia Lutheran Ministries senior living facilities, offers tips on keeping facilities and patient records secure.