Mar 07 2018

HIMSS 2018: Tech & Aging — How Innovation Can Improve Senior Living

The Thrive Center in Louisville, Ky., develops immersive experiences to share technology with seniors that can improve their quality of life — using tools, like virtual reality, that have been adapted especially for them.


    Sheri Rose, CEO, Thrive Center


    Jerry Berger, Senior Manager for Healthcare, Samsung


    Vanessa Jo Roberts, Editorial Director, HealthTech

Video Highlights

  • The nonprofit Thrive Center aims to help seniors age at home and use technology to make that both more possible and affordable.
  • Virtual reality systems, provided by Samsung, help seniors both enjoy immersive experiences and use them therapeutically.
  • The center wants seniors to embrace technology as a way to shift their focus from aging and dying to living and thriving. Read more about the center in this article.

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