Mar 08 2018

HIMSS 2018: Building a Telehealth Program That Your Patients and Staff Want to Use

Increasingly, healthcare providers find that telehealth and telemedicine programs create new and desirable ways for patients to interact with clinicians and doctors. We talk to three IT leaders to learn the tactics that succeeded in their organizations.


    Sarah Sossong

    Senior Director, Telehealth

    Massachusetts General Hospital



    Anil Melwani

    IT Director

    Cypress Healthcare Partners



    Julie Hall-Barrow

    VP, Virtual Health and Innovation

    Children’s Health

Video Highlights

  • Children’s Hospital in Dallas delivers telemedicine directly inside schools to help ensure student wellness.
  • Massachusetts General offers diagnostic telehealth services around the globe.
  • Cypress Health Partners uses telehealth to speed services offered by its acute care clinics.

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