E-signature solutions have helped healthcare organizations weather the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerate their digital transformation efforts.
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Product Review

Illuminated Insights

This Planar display boosts clinical engagement with advanced digital signage. Find out more about this effective, high-definition touch screen.

Product Review

In Command

Mobile device management is one of the platform’s key features. Find out how much protection it can offer mobile devices.


Make Resilience a Priority

The major healthcare IT conference and exhibition went hybrid this year, with on-site sessions in Las Vegas and digital events, after its cancellation in 2020. Here are some highlights.

Get Smart

Lighten the Load

Healthcare providers can take these much-needed steps to center patients in the appointment scheduling process.

FAQ Five

Cloud Care

Where can cloud adoption go wrong, and how can healthcare IT teams fix those problems going forward?

Fact or Fallacy

Scouting for Safety

Healthcare systems are still vulnerable to distributed denial of service attacks, even if they may not be top of mind. Separate reality from misconceptions on DDoS tactics.

IT Futurist

Dressed to Impress

Wearable technology continues to evolve, from smartwatches and ear-worn devices to more “smart clothing” solutions that can gather more detailed data and are easier to use.

Tech Tips

Put 5G to Work

Here’s how organizations can use advanced cellular networks to address and enhance care delivery.


Natural Resources

Dr. Yaa Kumah-Crystal of Vanderbilt University Medical Center shares her experience using natural language processing in healthcare.



Wise Up

Healthcare IT leaders from three U.S. hospitals discuss the technological strides their organizations have made to enhance the patient experience.


Building Blocks

Innovative data management technologies help organizations improve patient care and operations.


Control Points

Healthcare providers safeguard email and protect data from social engineering attacks with a mix of cloud-based and on-premises security tools.


Layer It Up

In an environment bristling with cyberthreats, healthcare organizations need to deploy tiers of security technologies and procedures as part of the instrumentation phase of incident response.


Contributor Column

Optimizing Your Cloud Environment

Use a cohesive, long-term strategy to guide adoption and avoid unwieldy experiences.

From the Editor

It’s Time to Prioritize Security

With healthcare’s ongoing digital transformation, cybersecurity must stay at the forefront and become a regular part of care delivery.

Contributor Column

Challenges Still Ahead

For healthcare systems to see success in digital health interventions, they must address these concerns.