Nov 09 2021

Review: Planar PS5574KT Bolsters Communication and Engagement in Healthcare

This Planar display boosts clinical engagement with advanced digital signage. Find out more about this effective, high-definition touch screen.

Digital screens are essential for healthcare facilities. More than simply a screen on a wall, digital signage can be part of a larger strategy to more actively engage with a community and provide valuable information, especially in healthcare settings.

Digital signage combines flat screens, touch screens and Wi-Fi to improve communication of important information such as directories, wayfinding aids and area-specific updates in physical locations. Within healthcare facilities, these technologies can display complex content that often replaces or augments human interaction.

Digital signage is also a key part of driving early patient engagement. Research shows that patient engagement can help reduce healthcare costs. And with nearly a third of first-time hospital visitors getting lost in the buildings, better wayfinding capabilities can help improve engagement.

Planar PS5574KT Display Provides Optimal Digital Messaging

The Planar PS5574KT display is an effective, interactive solution. It offers a robust set of features and a brilliant, 55-inch diagonal class LED-backlit LCD screen with impressive brightness. Designed with interaction in mind, the Planar offers a touch-based digital signage application from an embedded Google Android operating system.

These interactive capabilities deliver optimal content management for easy-to-use digital messaging and with a Wi-Fi capability that enables network connectivity. The intuitive construction is ideal for interactive kiosks or locations that require onsite engagement in healthcare applications.

Planar PS5574KT

Stunning Display Delivers Powerful Storytelling in Healthcare

This Planar screen impresses with its 4K, ultrahigh-definition capability, delivering a striking 3840x2160 resolution. This screen was visible throughout the locations that used it and from distances, with logo-free features that allowed clinics to highlight their own brands.

When paired with an audio strategy, which can make for an accessible, dynamic and informative attraction in any hospital, the results deliver a powerful storytelling tool.

Measuring 49.8 by 28.9 inches, the Planar PS5574KT display is large enough to use in many settings. Still, its 3.4-inch depth and manageable weight, at 65 pounds, make it possible to install with a two-person crew.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the Planar PS5574KT display speaks volumes. From the impressive resolution and sharp images to the easy-to-use Android operating system, this digital tool is designed to strengthen communication strategies to inform and engage any healthcare community.

Make Digital Signage Work for You

Patient engagement is an important part of providing healthcare, according to the Center for Advancing Health. A study in Health Affairs adds further context to this philosophy by characterizing patient engagement as “patient activation.”

The Oregon Health & Science University’s adoption of Planar digital signage demonstrates the value of this technology in healthcare. The school and the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital used Planar displays to highlight children receiving care and leveraged these communication portals to showcase researchers working hard on finding cures. The result was that OHSU drove patient engagement and staff satisfaction with a collaboration strategy.

On the surface, this use case is an example of how Planar tells a compelling visual story in a high-traffic environment. Digital signage technologies and effective communication programs require a solid strategy to achieve desired results. One way to start this planning process is to develop key questions that you intend the signage to answer for your patients, staff or visitors. It’s important to understand what the ideal result is before deploying digital signage.


Screen Type: 55-inch diagonal class LED-backlit LCD
Screen Definition: 4K UHD direct-lit LED
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Image Contrast Ratio: 4000:1


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