Following a storm, patient care organizations focus on IT infrastructure to maintain care, provide support amid chaos.
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Standing Tall

Understanding business is a must for future healthcare IT executives, the 2017 CHIME CIO of the Year says.

Tech Trends

Time to Talk

Healthcare organizations are using voice-driven tools to improve workflow and combat physician burnout.

Taking Measure

Assessing the Value of Virtual Care

As video visits become more ubiquitous, providers must focus on how they gauge the return on investment.

IT Futurist

Air Support

Technology takes to the skies to bring medical supplies to bystanders before the ambulance arrives.

IT Futurist

A Panacea for Healthcare’s IT Issues?

Distributed ledger technology has been hyped as a magic pill for cybersecurity, interoperability and more.

Tech Tips

Simplicity for Simulation

Prioritize safety and ease of use to optimize the patient experience.

Product Review

Optimized X-Ray Vision

A combination of accuracy and flexibility makes this display an ideal fit for medical image viewing.



Messaging Strategy

Using secure texting solutions, healthcare organizations streamline contact and improve patient outcomes.


Power Plays

Solar panels and other technology solutions help healthcare organizations to cut costs and improve energy use.


On the Move

Parkland Health, Sanford Health and Oishei Children's Hospital prioritized IT deployments and moving day coordination to make settling in to new facilities a breeze.


Hybrid Theory

To optimize workload and data storage, provider strategies blend private and public cloud use.

Feature Sidebar

Think Value Not Volume

By 2030, all baby boomers will be 65 or older; but is technology in the long-term care industry keeping pace with growing demand?


Letter From the Editor

Reliability Amid Chaos

Solutions including telehealth and cloud tools enable providers to deliver continuous care during disasters.

Contributor Column

Don’t Gamble with Your Mobile Strategy

Provider organizations must consider infrastructure and patient care needs when rolling out device-driven initiatives.

Contributor Column

Keep Chronic Illness at Bay

By employing modern tools, like wearables, providers can hone insights into holistic indicators of health and provide patients with real-time intervention and guidance.