Oct 12 2020

Insights Report: IT Investment Priorities and Realities

The healthcare technology landscape is rapidly evolving. In the past few months alone, healthcare organizations have undergone massive changes, from adjusting to virtual care delivery to placing a greater emphasis on data security and patient privacy amid increasing cyberthreats. But many organizations still struggle to adapt.

As COVID-19 highlights technology challenges — such as access, adoption and security — associated with remote work and virtual care delivery, healthcare organizations can’t afford to lag behind. 

To make smarter decisions about technology spending and be ready for unpredictable scenarios that may disrupt operations, healthcare and IT leaders must always think ahead.

This IDG survey, conducted in partnership with CDW, offers key findings to help technical and nontechnical leaders across industries plan for future spending. Insights include:

  • Why addressing the human side of cybersecurity is crucial to mitigating insider threats
  • How deployment and integration strategies for new tools impact workplace productivity
  • How embracing a data-driven culture can enhance and transform patient experiences
  • Cloud computing’s role in preparing for the future

Learn more by downloading the full report: “IT Investment Priorities and Realities.”

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