Feb 02 2017

Patient Care Drives Tech Strategy at Halifax Health

Halifax Health paired a digital hospital strategy with a technology refresh plan so its doctors and clinicians could spend more time on patient care — improving the quality of care and reducing costs for the not-for-profit hospital and healthcare system in Florida. CDW helped Halifax retrofit its entire infrastructure, which incorporated Cisco, EMC and Lenovo solutions, as well as rolling carts and physical security technology. 


    • Tom Stafford, Vice President and CIO, Halifax Health
    • Michael Marques, Director of Technical Services, Halifax Health
    • Dixie Gibbins, Nurse Manager, Orthopedic Department, Halifax Health
    • Troy Doyle, Account Executive, CDW Healthcare

Video Highlights

  • Halifax Health is a not-for-profit hopsital system with a mission of helping those in need.
  • New investments in wireless technology and server virtualization have improved patient care noticeably.
  • By putting clinicians and patients first, IT is being seen as an essential partner and not just a cost center.