Feb 22 2017

HIMSS 2017: Technology Backs Thriving Innovation in Healthcare

Innovation abounds in the healthcare space. HealthTech asked HIMSS 2017 attendees to share the innovative work happening inside of their organizations.


    • Nick Patel, Executive Medical Director-Informatics, Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group
    • Jay Politzer, CTO, Satchel Health
    • Cynthia Throop, Health IT Research and Policy Analyst, RTI International
    • Doug Dietzman, Executive Director, Great Lakes Health Connect

Video Highlights

  • New ways to leverage data will continue to transform the delivery of care.
  • Not all innovation involves technology, but it can enhance the collaboration and learnings that innovators share.
  • Ask first what the organization wants to accomplish, before asking which technology tools could be brought into the infrastructure to support those goals.

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