Senior care organizations are implementing onsite primary care services to offer residents a whole-person wellness experience.
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Dr. Sarah Pletcher, system vice president and executive medical director for strategic innovation at Houston Methodist, discusses how the health system stays clear-eyed in its vision.

Product Review

All Together Now

Healthcare organizations can accelerate their approach toward an omnichannel experience.

Product Review

Well Rounded

Designed to replace complex surveillance networks built with multiple devices, this dome camera gives users situational awareness in all directions.


Hospital Harmony

Healthcare organizations shouldn’t shy away from innovation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean buying the newest, shiniest gadgets.

IT Futurist

Greener Pastures

A focus on sustainability touches large-scale initiatives such as new construction and targeted efforts to reduce hospital waste.

FAQ Five

Recipe for Success

What is a software bill of materials, or SBOM, and what does it mean for connected medical device security?

Tech Tips

Incoming: Unknown

Providers need to be vigilant about protecting themselves and patients against different forms of phishing.

Fact or Fallacy

A Brighter Picture

Modern data platforms help organizations measure performance and empower data-driven decision-making. This permits high-quality, equitable and low-cost care.

Get Smart

Smart Saves

Rural, independent and community hospitals face resource limitations. It’s important to implement cost-saving strategies supported by strong IT partnerships and federal funding.



Power Up

Community health centers seek to better patient services amid tight budgets.


Brick by Brick

To mitigate the risks associated with third-party providers, healthcare organizations are investing in monitoring tools, drafting incident response plans and carefully evaluating contracts for security provisions.


Balancing Act 

Healthcare organizations are relying on virtual sitting programs to keep patients safe and support bedside nurses.


Light the Way

Providers are accelerating their digital health strategies, evolving not just their technologies but their mindsets as well.


Letter From the Editor

Embracing Change

From its foundation to its future, healthcare is moving toward more seamless and efficient workflows for staff and more collaborative and personalized care for patients.

Contributor Column

Finding Alignment

As emerging solutions entice healthcare organizations, their leaders need to set priorities for the future of care.

Contributor Column

Within Reach

A UPMC telehealth leader explains why it’s not the end of the road for innovation, even as the public health emergency ends.