Aug 17 2023

Review: Zendesk Suite Supports Complete Insights for Providers

Healthcare organizations can accelerate their approach toward an omnichannel experience.

A single doctor’s visit can involve multiple departments for a patient, including the call center, marketing, primary care office, labs and billing. How can healthcare organizations track these moving parts to keep the patient journey in focus?

During a CHIME22 session last year, Geisinger Health described its customer relationship management journey and how it has been critical for providing 360-degree insights on its patients. The idea of CRM is to make data visible across an organization, a former CIO of the health system said, so that customers can have the best experience.

Customer experience solutions are pivotal to helping health systems improve care by providing centralized access to patient data, supporting clinicians to make better informed decisions. These tools also leverage automation to streamline manual administrative tasks such as patient registration and billing, boosting efficiency and reducing human error.

But customer experience systems are not all the same. For reliable, thorough customer experience solution, the Zendesk Suite assists providers with managing and tracking consistent and effective communication with patients while also offering improved access to useful information.

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Leaders Use the Zendesk Suite to Empower Health Systems

In their capacity to connect patients to healthcare organizations, customer experience tools have two main goals. The first is to drive patient engagement; for example, providers often struggle to engage patients for routine checkups and follow-ups. Second, these tools helps align healthcare resources with more relevant analysis and communication.

Zendesk Suite empowers health systems to move faster toward creating an omnichannel experience by better managing the many emails, chats and voice communications that make up a patient interaction. It tames that challenge using automation and seamless integration of various platforms into a single interface.

Healthcare organizations can rest assured with Zendesk’s real-time customer analytics and powerful integrations, as well as the unified agent workspace and artificial intelligence–powered automation. Customized agent roles and permissions plus agent routing based on known and proven skill sets add a layer of depth and expertise.

Customized dashboards track organizationwide goals with shareable analytics, which can boost performance and progress.

Zendesk Suite


The Zendesk Suite Ensures Tracking Is Done Right

An efficient ticketing system rounds out these capabilities by helping teams zero in on problem areas before they become serious issues.

Zendesk goes beyond the core goal of simply improving care outcomes by tracking customer interactions and monitoring how well patients, clinicians and other staff are interacting, whether internally or externally.

For example, Zendesk centralizes patient information so that healthcare providers can aggregate that data in a single location, making it easier for key decision-makers to understand, access and update records organizationally.

With automation, Zendesk Suite optimizes workflows to reduce manual administrative tasks, which frees up clinicians and staff to focus on patient care. This leads to improved efficiency and increased patient satisfaction.

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Zendesk Suite also offers enhanced compliance assistance, reducing the risk of legal issues and improving overall patient management by ensuring that the provider’s programs meet regulatory requirements, and that no future changes break that compliance.

To bolster security with a customer experience tool, consider a data mesh, which IBM defines as “a decentralized data architecture that organizes data by a specific business domain — for example, marketing, sales, customer service and more — providing more ownership to the producers of a given dataset.” Such an approach is especially necessary in healthcare, which handles sensitive patient data.

As a high-level customer experience solution, Zendesk Suite sets a standard with its simplicity, ease of use, and AI-powered insights and customizations. It’s ready to improve both efficiency and the quality of care for healthcare organizations of all sizes. 


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