Aug 15 2023

Review: Protect Healthcare Staff and Patients With Complete Awareness

Designed to replace complex surveillance networks built with multiple devices, this dome camera gives users situational awareness in all directions.

The increasing frequency of ransomware threats and attacks have spurred healthcare organizations to focus on cybersecurity defenses. However, physical security at hospitals and clinics is still a major concern and can be just as challenging.

Most healthcare facilities, especially large ones, employ security guards, but they can’t be everywhere at once. Surveillance cameras may offer more visibility, but older models are designed to look only in one direction; even if placed on motorized mounts, they can still see only what is in front of them, limiting coverage. But installing multiple cameras looking in all directions creates a surplus of feeds for guards to monitor. 

Enter the Rhombus R360 fisheye camera, designed with the sprawling environments of healthcare facilities in mind. It’s made with a specialized lens that can look in almost all directions at the same time, enabling a single device to efficiently watch over an area that might have once required a dozen forward-facing cameras.

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Setup Is Simple with the Rhombus R360 Fisheye Camera

Easy to set up, the Rhombus R360 comes with tools for attaching the small domelike device to a ceiling or wall, and special brackets for mounting it on a pole or wherever a camera is needed.

The camera’s casing is waterproof and can withstand extreme high or low temperatures, making it suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. No need for a power cable; with its support for Power over Ethernet, the camera needs only a single network cable to be operational.  

Finally, because the camera’s software is configured via the cloud, nontechnical hospital staff can mount the new devices while IT teams work remotely to set them up.

Rhombus R360


Enhance Monitoring of Healthcare Facilities to Keep People Safe

Once in place, the Rhombus R360 uses its 12-megapixel image sensor to provide a highly detailed, full-color view of everything happening around it. The unique fisheye lens is able to give 180-degree views both horizontally and vertically.

If security guards watching the feed notice something suspicious, they can pan and tilt the focus and use the 2X digital zoom for a closer look. The camera can provide high-resolution video in low-light conditions, and even has infrared illuminators that can be used to see people or objects up to 16 feet away in almost total darkness.

The R360 comes with a 512-gigabyte microSD card that can store up to 30 days of video feeds in the camera itself. Beyond that, it’s easy to set up a data dump to a cloud server so whatever the camera sees is saved for later reference.

The Rhombus R360 fisheye camera excels at monitoring everything around it and eliminates the need for multiple cameras. It would be a great addition to enhance the security of any healthcare campus. 


PRODUCT TYPE: Fixed-mount panoramic security camera
MAXIMUM IMAGE QUALITY: Full-color feeds at 3008x3008 resolution
POWER CONNECTION: Supports Power over Ethernet, 9.9 watts
OPERATIONAL TEMPERATURE RANGE: –22 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit
DIMENSIONS: 5.1 x 5.1 x 2.3 inches


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