Providers are maximizing their cloud workloads with first-class storage and backup solutions.
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IT Futurist

A Picture of Health

Providers can tap into cloud-based medical imaging frameworks powered by artificial intelligence to help care teams.

Product Review

Empowered Protection

Designed to safeguard everything from desktop computers to specialized medical devices, Ordr Clinical Defender 8.1 acts as a complete cybersecurity command center.

Product Review

The Full Sweep

Here’s how a customer relationship management platform can help redefine productivity and patient care in healthcare.

Tech Tips

Risky Business

This strategy requires managing risk where providers may have little control.

FAQ Five

Huddle Up

Healthcare lags behind other industries in security operations. How can SecOps fit in?


In Hot Pursuit

The annual industry events made for a busy spring filled with insights from CIOs and other executives.


United We Stand

Jennifer Brooks, vice president of population health, value-based care and administrative services organization at Banner Health, discusses the group’s data evolution.

Get Smart

From Chaos to Order

Data is omnipresent in healthcare organizations. Governance ensures that the right people can use data at the right time for the right reasons — all within the business systems they use every day.

Security Save

Looped In

As computing environments become more dispersed, enabling every user and system to have its own perimeter can help protect against cyberthreats.



Across the Board

To thwart cybercriminals, health systems are prioritizing medical device inventory and situational awareness.


A Winning Bid

Three healthcare organizations share strategies and best practices for hiring and retaining IT employees.


The Pursuit of Happiness

Healthcare organizations look to streamline HR and IT processes to improve employee experiences.


Room for More

These leaders share their strategies, successes and ambitions for building diversity, equity and inclusion in their organizations and across the industry.


Letter From the Editor

Connecting the Pieces

Cybersecurity remains a top priority for healthcare leaders, especially as environments grow more complex.

Contributor Column

Take Command of Your Data

A modern data platform will support current and future transformation goals.

Contributor Column

Side by Side

Virtual nurses are a cost-effective way to improve patient safety and reduce burnout for bedside teams.