Tablets and smart-home tools keep older adults engaged and connected with the outside world — and each other.
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Lead for Today and Tomorrow

As health IT teams continue to work remotely, the organization’s annual gathering also will move online — and expand its target audience.

Security Save

Don’t Fall for Phishing’s Lure

Innocuous-sounding messages from cybercriminals can pose a major security threat. Learn to spot (and avoid) trouble.

Tech Trends

Screen Savers

Designed to detect elevated body temperature, the technology can help facilities know if an incoming visitor may have COVID-19.

Product Review

Portable Power

Designed to meet the needs of clinicians, the laptop boasts user-targeted security, sanitation and videoconferencing features.

IT Futurist

The Chatbot Is In

Automated digital platforms guide some patients on their care journeys, but they don’t replace the human quotient.

Product Review

The Doctor Will See You Now

High-quality visuals and easy setup enhance virtual care delivery for providers and patients.

FAQ Five

All Is Not Lost

The model, also known as DRaaS, is a simple way to ensure business goes on during unexpected events. Here’s what to ask potential providers.

Get Smart

Make Nurses Your Partners in Health IT

By opening the door to share experiences, expectations and needs, the caretakers can be a benefit to tech teams.


Cover Feature

A Welcome Sight

Tablets and smart-home tools keep older adults engaged and connected with the outside world — and each other.


At Your Service

The digital workflow platform automates critical processes to improve patient care and workplace satisfaction.


Pivots and Progress

Organizations offer reflections on their reactionary efforts and forward-looking projects as the pandemic continues.


Visual Aides

Virtual reality solutions give medical schools and healthcare organizations a new way to teach clinicians, patients and the public.


In Harmony

When bedside and remote teams collaborate through tele-ICUs, the partnership elevates care and outcomes.


From the Editor

Nurses Know Best

The disconnect is the No. 1 roadblock for success, a HIMSS survey says. Building a strong partnership benefits everyone in the long run.

Contributor Column

For Greater Mobility, Lighten Your Load

Outsourcing mobile device deployments and management duties can save time, money and energy better spent on patient care.

Contributor Column

Make Telehealth Equitable for All

Ideas and technologies that serve diverse populations must follow this turning point in virtual care.