Sep 11 2020

Review: The HP EliteBook 840 G6 Healthcare Edition Notebook

Designed to meet the needs of clinicians, the laptop boasts user-targeted security, sanitation and videoconferencing features.

There’s no question notebook computers play an important role in healthcare, especially now. From optimizing care delivery to supporting critical mobility efforts, notebooks aid users on the go without compromising their physical safety or data security.

The HP EliteBook 840 G6 Healthcare Edition Notebook is a powerful laptop that can adequately support virtual care delivery, enhance face-to-face consultations and expedite administrative tasks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Built for security, collaboration, easy cleaning and workflow efficiency, the notebook offers a fast 8th Generation Intel Core i5 processor with integrated graphics. (Replacing the built-in graphics card with the optional AMD Radeon RX 550X 64-bit discrete graphics card further boosts the speed and capacity to handle large-scale files).

Still, the 256-gigabyte Serial ATA-600 hard drive is suitable for housing high-resolution and moving images — an important function as more medical staffers work from remote locations.

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Protected Inside and Out

Built-in encryption tools help safeguard data on the hard drive, a key measure to avoid a breach that can incur costly HIPAA violations and affect patient trust. For those using the laptop in busy public areas, a one-touch feature can greatly restrict screen visibility to those who aren’t directly in front of it.

Several optional features can be integrated for protection and convenience. Among them: a dual-band radio-frequency identification badge reader, a federally compliant fingerprint reader and a real-time location awareness function to track the console itself. Handled separately, these capabilities could be costlier and more complex.

The EliteBook 840 G6 is also designed to support infection control.

With the HP Easy Clean application, a user can disable the notebook’s touch screen, keyboard and track pad in order to quickly wipe down the machine without turning it off. This saves clinicians time and supports enhanced protocols for frequent sanitation.

Built with Clinical Workflows in Mind

The EliteBook 840 G6 also can enhance doctor-patient connections with technologies that facilitate point-to-point calls for virtual care and group videoconferencing.

The notebook is certified to use Skype for Business and includes a noise-cancelling microphone so a user can be clearly heard, no matter what’s going on around them.

And while the chassis is large, it’s also light — ideal for telemedicine and travel alike.

HP EliteBook 840 G6 Healthcare Edition Notebook

Enhanced security and sanitation capabilities make the HP EliteBook 840 G6 Healthcare Edition Notebook a strong choice for mobile caregivers.

Taking Healthcare Security to a Higher Level

In healthcare, security isn’t an option — it’s an imperative. The HP EliteBook 840 G6 Healthcare Edition Notebook shields healthcare systems against potential data and visual hacking with a robust suite of features and capabilities.

These features include built-in authentication, the HP security software suite and the HP Sure View Gen2 feature — which, at the touch of a button, reduces up to 95 percent of visible light when viewed at an angle to prevent others from reading the screen.

Users can leverage the latest in facial recognition to replace passwords, and they’re able to expedite the login process by using the infrared feature on the HP Privacy Camera and also on Windows Hello, the biometric sign-in system for Windows 10.

The HP Sure Start Gen5, a firmware intrusion detection and automatic repair system, provides protection through the self-healing basic input output system feature to automatically recover from attacks or corruption.

The machine can also defend against ever-evolving malware attacks with the HP Sure Sense software, which uses deep learning and artificial intelligence.


PROCESSOR: 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-8365U
OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 10
SCREEN: 14 inches, 1080p resolution
BATTERY CAPACITY: 50 watt-hours
DIMENSIONS: 12.8x9.2x0.8 inches
WEIGHT: 3.57 pounds


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