Healthcare organizations gain automation and control through software-defined networks and other solutions.
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Technology for Healthy Seniors

Yeh, chief medical officer of AARP, says solutions for vision, hearing and mobility are essential to improving health outcomes.


Attacks on the Rise

CISOs consider the vulnerability of their systems.

Security Save

The Cybersecurity Conversation

Education and communication form the core of any organization’s security strategy.

Product Review

A Perfect Prescription for Mobility

Specifically designed for the rigors of healthcare, this handheld is ready for its residency.

Tech Tips

Screen Files to Better Manage Your Storage

Use these steps to prevent malicious programs and other unwanted files from being saved to storage.

IT Futurist

Smart and Secure

As the technology matures, digital assistants offer plenty of promise for healthcare organizations.

Product Review

A Durable, Flexible Laptop for Clinicians

An attractive aluminum case contains all the features medical professionals need.

FAQ Five

A Healthy Migration

What you need to know about moving to Windows 10.



Closer to the Edge

Real-time data analysis and delivery have big implications. Three experts discuss the potential for patients and providers.


Ready for Anything

Telehealth solutions help providers deliver high-quality care after disasters hit, even when physicians or patients can’t make it to the hospital.


Charting Unknown Territory

With Windows 7 support coming to an end, organizations must tackle OS upgrades.


The Simplicity Standard

Healthcare providers are deploying new communication and collaboration tools to improve teamwork across facilities.


Letter From the Editor

Everything Is Connected

Solutions such as mobile devices, cloud tools and IoT offer new opportunities, but also pose challenges.

Contributor Column

Telehealth's Growing Pains

More providers are offering — or want to offer — telehealth services, but some hurdles and misconceptions remain. A look at what’s changing in the field.

Contributor Column

Quality Care, From Anywhere

From telemedicine to secure data-sharing, a wide range of technologies allow providers to work together from a distance.

Contributor Column

The Need for Telehealth Standards

As the work of medical virtualists grows in importance and impact, formalized practices should be standardized.