Separated by blocks or time zones, clinicians and hospital business teams use technology to work together seamlessly.
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Product Review

Power Pad

The laptop boasts a speedy processor and a high-definition screen that can benefit healthcare workers.


Boardroom Divide

Only 5 percent of executive boards have a dedicated technology committee, an industry survey finds.


A Seat at the Table

Don’t purchase new equipment without consulting the caretakers who will use it, one informatics leader urges.

FAQ Five

Why Healthcare Organizations Should Hack Themselves

Want to uncover network vulnerabilities? Hire someone to try and breach them.

Get Smart

Merge Ahead

How to keep teams on track (and at peace) when organizations are combined or acquired.

Tech Trends

Potent Portables

As more hospitals adopt a mobile strategy, multipurpose tools are becoming an increasingly popular option.

Product Review

From Diagnosis to Database

The voice-recognition software is specifically designed for medical professionals and the EHRs they use.


Protect Your Mobile Devices

Before allowing employees to use their own phones and other tech on the job, take the following precautions.

IT Futurist

Looking Forward

Melding real and computer-generated worlds, AR tools are giving clinicians a new perspective.



'Alexa, Call My Grandkids'

Infrastructure investments that support modern devices are helping older adults enjoy healthier, more connected lives.


Ahead of the Curve

Healthcare providers are using data analytics to forecast staffing requirements, which improves care and reduces costs.


Safe Keeping

Modern backup systems do more than keep data safe. They also boost savings and productivity.


Line of Defense

A range of robust strategies help IT pros keep track of vulnerable devices on their networks.


Letter From the Editor

Teamwork Wins Big

Collaboration technology helps clinicians work together virtually, but real-life communication is crucial to shared success.

Contributor Column

Helping Seniors Stay Connected

As older adults use more devices for entertainment and medical management, their residential care facilities must be wired appropriately.

Contributor Column

Why Diversity in Healthcare IT Matters

Hiring a variety of voices from a range of backgrounds can improve care for everyone.