Providers turn to interactive solutions to improve satisfaction and raise the quality of care.
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Onward and Upward

Healthcare providers must focus on relationship-building and education to evolve, the organization’s new leader says.

Tech Trends

Operation Simulation

Providers and patients benefit from emergency simulations and pain management.

Get Smart

Build a Foundation

Remote care efforts require providers to focus on fundamentals and keep an eye toward the future.

Product Review

Safe and Sound

Data storage gets an upgrade with this fast, robust and reliable solution.

Security Save

Comprehensive Protection

Segmentation and other strategies help healthcare organizations keep medical devices secure and patient data safe.

IT Futurist

Senior Guidance

Researchers turn to machine learning to innovate care for aging populations.



Precision Built

Organizations turn to infrastructure technologies to power individualized care efforts.


At the Center of Innovation

Through interactive experiences and education, the Thrive Center aims to demystify technology’s role in caring for older adults.


Flash Forward

Solid-state drives help to solve backup, management needs.


Extensive Coverage

Providers prioritize device usability and security to improve efficiency and the patient experience.


From the Editor

Eye Toward the Future

Infrastructure upgrades and a commitment to disruption are key to successful endeavors.

Contributor Column

Solidify Protections Against Cyberthreats

Layered technology and education help providers prepare for digital danger.

Contributor Column

Embrace Change

With the aim to quell the divide between stability and innovation in healthcare, UPMC CIO Rasu Shrestha offers three steps providers can take to embrace change.