Jun 14 2023
Data Analytics

3 Technology Solutions and Services to Optimize Care

Effective deployment of technology and IT services helps healthcare organizations overcome challenges, extract valuable insights and improve patient outcomes.

Much of the work for healthcare now revolves around the need to build, secure and implement a modern data ecosystem. The ability to gather data from multiple sources — ranging from medical devices to out-of-state providers — and transform it into actionable information is the ultimate goal. This requires a sustained commitment to a well-planned data strategy. The right solutions are essential to bringing cohesion and efficiency to an area that is continuously becoming more complex.

Organizations that have invested in digital transformation can take the next step toward optimization by identifying weaknesses in IT integration and interoperability, which can hamper automation, analytics and AI.

Many healthcare organizations have made advances in digital workflows. They can build on that progress by reducing siloed solutions in favor of modern data platforms that integrate data and yield insights that improve workflows (and, thereby, patient outcomes) even further. The modern data platform serves as a foundation to optimize improvements in patient care, IT strategy and business outcomes. Unified communication and collaboration tools provide similar benefits of clinician satisfaction and patient engagement. Notably, these solutions help organizations overcome staffing constraints. Learn more about three technology solutions and services that can enable healthcare organizations to optimize care delivery:

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