Jan 19 2023

Checklist: 4 Steps to Help You Get Started on Your MDR Journey

Healthcare organizations don’t have to face the nightmare of cyberthreats alone.

Cyberattacks don’t stick to business hours, so healthcare organizations must make sure their security is tight 24/7. But with many in-house IT teams spread thin, it’s a demanding task that can result in sleepless nights. 

If your small team has security alert fatigue, consider a partnership for managed detection and response. The right MDR partner can provide much-needed support in a daunting cybersecurity landscape.

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Take these four steps to start strong with an MDR partner:

  • Assess your security posture and team.
    Conduct a formal security assessment. Does your team have the skills and time to respond to incidents quickly and effectively?
  • Know your organization’s security priorities.
    What does your incident response strategy look like? Take note of the gaps that need to be filled.
  • Identify your organization’s desired MDR outcomes.
    What are your 12-month and 60-month goals? Have a clear understanding of future security needs.
  • Find the right MDR partner for your organization.
    How will a partner work within your IT ecosystem? Make sure to test and validate the service before signing on.

EXPLORE THE FULL CHECKLIST: Four steps for healthcare security leaders to sleep better at night.


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