May 23 2017

The States Topping the Charts for Telemedicine

Just nine states received “A” grades from the ATA on coverage and reimbursement standards for services delivered via telemedicine. Is yours one?

There’s good news in the field of telemedicine: Acceptance of technology used to diagnose and treat ailments is growing. Recent reports have touted its cost-saving value for both hospitals and patients, and new laws at both the state and federal level are changing the landscape for children's care, mental health patients, and those with chronic illnesses looking to reach healthcare through videoconferencing tech.

“As federal and state lawmakers reevaluate the current health policy environment, they cannot ignore telemedicine’s potential as a valuable and cost-saving tool,” said Gary Capistrant, chief policy officer of the American Telemedicine Association, in a recent statement.

To help capture this shifting landscape, the ATA issued a report earlier this year grading each state on its policy environment for the technology.

The report gives top marks in telehealth regulations to nine states: Hawaii, Maine, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia.

Did your state make the grade?


This graphic first appeared in our Summer 2017 issue of HealthTech. Check out more here.