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Understand the Threat Landscape

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Understand the Threat Landscape

Ransomware attackers and their targets have changed over the years, and so have the ways that bad actors deploy these attacks. Stay up to date on evolving threats and learn how healthcare organizations can mitigate them, from the latest technology to staff training and partnerships.


Increase Your Recovery Capabilities

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Increase Your Recovery Capabilities

Stopping ransomware attacks requires a robust security strategy. Even then, attacks can succeed. For that reason, it’s vital that healthcare organizations have backup and recovery solutions in place. Learn how experts can help boost your defenses.

Ransomware can cost healthcare organizations money, patient trust and even continuity of care. Mitigating ransomware attacks and being able to recover quickly in the event of a success attack is crucial.

It takes a team effort from healthcare leaders, health IT and security teams, clinicians, other healthcare staff, vendors and partners to protect an organization from ransomware. Security partners work with internal healthcare teams to identify gaps and bolster cybersecurity.

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Ransomware Prevention and Recovery Require a Team Effort

It’s important that all healthcare stakeholders and partners are aware of cybersecurity best practices to prevent ransomware attacks.





As ransomware evolves, all healthcare staff, from leadership to clinicians, must understand how to prevent costly attacks.






A virtual CISO could be the right choice for healthcare organizations to support internal IT teams in establishing robust cybersecurity strategies.






Cybersecurity partners should maintain strong relationships with healthcare organizations, and security should be an ongoing conversation.


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