Mar 28 2020

How Community Healthcare Facilities Are Prepping for Disruption

The current health crisis has brought unprecedented challenges for IT teams, especially those at local community healthcare facilities with fewer than 300 beds. A CDW Healthcare webinar features two IT experts from local hospital systems, exploring their efforts to ensure business continuity while they prepare for disruption.


    Tom Stafford, CTO, CDW Healthcare

    Clark Averill, Director of Information Technology, St. Luke's Hospital of Duluth

    Trevor Clere, Director of Information Systems, Wooster Community Hospital Health System

    Remy Morgan, Healthcare Mobility Solution Architect, CDW

    Mike Murphy, Collaboration Solution Architect, CDW

    Jeremy Weiss, Healthcare Security Solution Architect, CDW

Video Highlights

  • IT teams must address the need for an incident command center to help improve their emergency management planning, response and recovery capabilities.
  • To better support providers, patients and employees, IT teams should be ready to come to grips with the heightened demands put on networks by telemedicine, call centers and collaboration tools.
  • Protective measures such as multifactor authentication and sessions termination are crucial in protecting a remote workforce. 

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