Jan 27 2017

New Technology Fuels Nurse Efficiency, Improved Patient Satisfaction

New technologies are transforming the clinician experience, allowing nurses to work smarter, not harder, to deliver improved care to patients. To ensure the effectiveness of such tools, IT teams must collaborate with care providers, which means consultations to enhance workflow efficiency. Take a look at what goes into such a collaboration.


    • Carol Rodriguez, R.N., Nurse Manager for Cardiac Unit
    • Andrea Schiller, IT Director, St. Joseph’s Hospital

Video Highlights

  • Upgraded network handles increased traffic and shores up infrastructure.
  • New medication dispensing carts use scanners to unlock drawers and sync with patient wristbands as well as barcodes on medication itself.
  • Rugged tablets with built-in fingerprint authentication allow nurses to easily access medical records of patients at bedside to show them test results and review treatment history in real time.
  • Telehealth upgrades enable doctors to connect with specializations via video in real time.
  • Adding and reconfiguring wireless access points help ensure the medication ID system works at the optimal level.