May 15 2019

Hyperconvergence for Senior Care Facilities Saves Money and Improves Care

StoneGate Senior Living — which operates communities in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado — updated its data center, deploying a new hyperconvergence appliance. The revamped infrastructure improved its ability to deploy analytics and monitor the kinds of patients it serves and calculate their clinical outcomes.


    • Robert Wagner, Director of IT Operations, StoneGate Senior Living
    • Brandon Jackson, VP of Financial and Business Intelligence, StoneGate Senior Living

Video Highlights

  • With a new hyperconvergence infrastucture, StoneGate Senior Living is better able to deploy innovative technologies to more efficiently monitor and care for its patient population.
  • That initiative was so successful that StoneGate was able to create a whole new revenue stream by selling it to other organizations that normally would be considered competitors.
  • The infrastructure has allowed StoneGate to scale more easily as it takes on external clients.