Mar 08 2018

HIMSS 2018: How Healthcare Systems Are Tapping Data to Improve Care

Medical and healthcare organizations of all types are leaning into data analytics to improve services and operations. We talk with two experts — from Geisinger Health and from Atrium Health — to get insights into how best to gain benefits from vast data stores. 


    Elizabeth Clements

    Business Architect

    Geisinger Health



    Becky Fox

    Chief Nursing Informatics Officer

    Atrium Health

Video Highlights

  • With the help of machine learning, Geisinger Health was able to slash its documentation from 10 million to 300,000 records.
  • Thanks to data-driven decisions, Atrium Health freed up more than 200 hours a year from its nursing staff workload by eliminating processes from the daily workflow.
  • Workflow efficiencies helped the organizations push through many of the cultural challenges that came with new data use cases.

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