May 18 2023

CDW Executive SummIT: Diving Into the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Thanks to widely available tools such as ChatGPT, generative artificial intelligence is cropping up in use cases applicable to nearly every segment, including healthcare. While this level of automation presents impressive opportunities to streamline processes, it also introduces concerns about security and data privacy. Proponents of AI are cautiously optimistic that it will lead to greater productivity as long as its use is tempered by guidelines and regulation.

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    Anthony Dina, Global Field CTO, Dell

    Caterina Luppi, CIO, District of Columbia Bar

    Jason Hinton, Azure Strategy Lead and Technology Ethicist, Microsoft Azure

Video Highlights

  • Healthcare is one of the many fields where AI is showing great promise.
  • AI and digital twins can enable healthcare organizations to provide precision medicine by simulating the effectiveness of a therapy before it is administered.
  • However, data privacy and the ethical use of AI remain serious concerns.