Hospitals are modernizing their physical spaces to help improve care and increase efficiency.
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Breaking Ground

Tanya Townsend, LCMC Health’s first CIO, looks back on her career in healthcare IT so far and sets priorities for the years ahead.

Product Review

Against the Siege

Designed for resource-constrained environments, this tool can help smaller IT teams cover their entire cloud security landscape.

Product Review

Smooth Sailing

This secure and reliable infrastructure management solution is well suited for healthcare’s high data volume.


From Data to Action

Healthcare organizations looking to act on social determinants of health data must standardize and improve reporting.

Security Save

Eyes Wide Open

Healthcare organizations must be on guard against emerging cyberthreats, including cryptojacking.

Tech Tips

Play It Cool

Filtering raw alert data and logs into prioritized action requires a careful approach.

IT Futurist

Wide Horizons

The use of extended reality with virtual care tools is gaining ground in healthcare.

FAQ Five

Farewell, Old Friend

As approaches to cybersecurity evolve, organizations look beyond the password.

Get Smart

Balancing Act

Remote work enabled healthcare organizations to provide essential care throughout the pandemic. But as they adapt to hybrid work environments, there are unexpected concerns.



The Path Is Clear

Healthcare teams looking to boost efficiency and simplify navigation through medical facilities turn to streamlined solutions.


Head of the Class

Three healthcare supply chain leaders share their experiences with tech-enabled visibility and automation solutions.


A Sigh of Relief

Managed detection and response services offer support for stretched-thin healthcare security staff.


Root and Branch

Healthcare organizations share strategies on how to successfully combine IT capabilities after a merger or acquisition.


Letter From the Editor

Partnered Protection

Just as care teams work together to treat patients, organizations can rely on partnerships to improve the health of their security strategies.

Contributor Column

Setting Priorities

A major report affirms what experts in the care of older adults have known for a while: Health IT is key to improving care in nursing homes and beyond.

Contributor Column

Stronger Than Yesterday

As healthcare organizations look to improve their IT resilience, they should consider three key areas.