Organizations improve rural access to healthcare thanks to telemedicine spikes during the pandemic.
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Get Smart

Eyes on the Prize

These steps can help care providers build out effective remote patient monitoring programs.

Tech Trends

Easy Listening

Digital stethoscopes help clinicians keep their distance while supporting vital information collection and collaboration.

Product Review

A Tablet to Face Modern Challenges

The device’s durability and reliability meet the needs for handheld devices in healthcare.

Product Review

Keep Your Distance

The intuitive hub allows almost any device to connect and present, even from 30 feet away.

IT Futurist

Paving the Way

Self-driving technology is being used to deliver medication and supplies. Could it one day transport sick patients in an emergency?

Security Save

A Test That’s OK to Fail

Hire an outside party for a cybersecurity assessment to reveal key vulnerabilities and strengthen defenses.


Stronger and Wiser

Providers are responding to the pandemic with new technologies and protocols. Thousands will meet online next week to discuss what’s next.

Tech Tips

Pump Up Your Passwords

Small adjustments can make a big difference in protecting your data and devices from threat actors.



Shifting Gears

Rapidly changing needs pushed healthcare providers into massive expansions of their telehealth systems.


Rooms with a View

Expanded inpatient telehealth solutions support safety protocols and a more personal connection.


Foundation for Success

Healthcare providers modernize to address present needs and to better handle future challenges involving clinical data.


See the Big Picture

Healthcare providers use RFID-enabled technology, including real-time location systems, to track patients, locate equipment and expedite care.


Contributor Column

Mobility’s Big Moment

The global pandemic has highlighted a number of ways that mobile technologies address healthcare challenges.

From the Editor

Evolve the In-Room Patient Experience

Solutions such as telehealth tools improve continuity of care and foster better communication.

Contributor Column

To Improve Your EHR, Hire an Informatics Expert

Data-driven professionals with clinical and IT experience are well suited to address workflow hurdles.