The Florida network is one of several organizations using new technologies to coordinate across departments, streamline patient care and reduce length of stay.
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Product Review

Speedy Delivery

The dual-band access point offers strong connectivity for environments that must support many devices.

Product Review

Ruggedly Refined

Engineered for data security and physical durability, the smartphone is well suited for hospital settings.


Where Security Falls Short

Organizations have boosted strategies and spending, but weaknesses remain.


Build a Strong Team

Hiring a new IT staffer? Personality and growth potential are just as important as a strong technical skill set.

IT Futurist

Body Language

Smarter tech and greater public acceptance make biometric identification tools a valuable resource.

Tech Tips

All in the Wrist

Far more than a high-tech fashion piece, the Apple Watch can enhance care delivery and patient well-being.

FAQ Five

Peak Performance

The new standard makes sense for high-density areas in a healthcare setting.

Security Save

Cybersecurity Is Everyone's Business

Despite a surge in data breaches, only 1 in 4 employees receive it.



At Their Service

Tablets, smart speakers and other technologies make life safer and simpler for people with special needs.


What Lies Ahead (with Dr. Kent Bishop)

Chief medical officers now play a vital role in technology planning and implementation.


What Lies Ahead (with Dr. Cheryl Pegus)

More chief medical officers are taking the pulse of technology needs and deployment.


What Lies Ahead (with Dr. Marjorie Bessel)

More healthcare executives are taking the pulse of technology needs and deployment.


Keep It Simple

Complex healthcare organizations are streamlining their IT infrastructures for better patient care, improved efficiency and lower costs.


Peace of Mind

Telepsychiatry brings mental health care to rural areas and underserved communities where trained professionals are in short supply.


Letter From the Editor

Leverage Your Value

How organizations leverage consolidation and smart technologies to ease IT burdens, save money and improve patient experience.

Contributor Column

Speak Up for Care

Cost-effective and customizable, these portable tools are improving the patient experience.

Contributor Column

Growing the Telehealth Ecosystem

A centralized strategy helped expand the number of specialties offering virtual care — and treat more patients in need.

Contributor Column

Why the HIPAA Security Rule Needs a Refresh

Outdated technical terms and some vague definitions and procedures must be amended to address a threat-heavy landscape.