Consider a job candidate’s human elements as much as their technical smarts, says University of Chicago Medicine’s Erik Decker.

Jan 06 2020

Q&A: UChicago Medicine’s Erik Decker on How to Attract Healthcare IT Talent

Hiring a new IT staffer? Personality and growth potential are just as important as a strong technical skill set.
As threats to healthcare systems grow in number and severity, talented IT staff are vital for preventing cyberattacks and keeping a complex network of devices running smoothly. “The reliance on technology in healthcare is so profound,” says Erik Decker, chief information security and privacy officer at University of Chicago Medicine. “It’s not possible for us to operate for any sustained period of time on paper.” Attracting talent, however, is a challenge: Unemployment in the field reached a 20-year low in May, federal data shows, and workers with advanced skills are in high demand. A former board chair of the Association for Executives in Healthcare Information Security, Decker spoke with HealthTech Managing Editor Kevin Joy about his key hiring strategies and advice for others.

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Photography by Matthew Gilson