Healthcare organizations enhance collaboration and communication while saving time and reducing employee travel.
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Care Coordinator

The former national coordinator for health IT is pushing the health industry to rethink the care paradigm.

Tech Trends

Front and Center

Solutions from Splunk, Qlik and Tableau help providers improve security, care quality and efficiency by providing decision-makers with analytics-driven insights.

Product Review

Enhanced Protection

Preconfigured with data drives to keep vital records safe, this NAS offering provides easy storage capacity for healthcare organizations.

Tech Tips

Cloud Watching

IT staff must track and manage employee use of online data storage to prevent unintentional information loss.

Product Review

Tough and Practical

Able to handle multiple roles in a medical setting, this notebook works well in treatment rooms and on the go.

Security Save

Numbers Game

By taking advantage of cryptomining, threat actors can attack multiple devices at once and compromise a provider organization’s computing power.

Tech Tips

Divide and Conquer

Separate devices based on trust levels and use in order to conquer cybersecurity threats.



Far and Wide

Solutions also boost workflow efficiency and security.


Going the Distance

From Oregon and Idaho to Alabama and the Mississippi Delta, telehealth solutions and strategies expand treatment options.


High Tech by Design

Organizations prioritize foundational and end-user IT solutions to enhance the holistic patient care experience.


Access Granted

Single sign-on solutions help providers streamline workflow processes.


Letter From the Editor

Efficiency Framework

Providers turn to improved networking tools, videoconferencing solutions and more.

Contributor Column

Plan for the Day

With personal and connected devices and 5G networks poised to change the industry in a big way, healthcare organizations should prioritize preparation.

Contributor Column

Prioritize Digital Capabilities for the Next Generation of Care

Today’s providers must enhance their search, mobile and social capabilities to cater to tomorrow’s patients.