Feb 08 2024

Review: Rugged Tablet Supports the Demands of Clinical Mobility

Healthcare workers on the go can rely on the durable, responsive, purpose-built DT Research 313MD Rugged 2-in-1 Medical Tablet.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how clinicians and nurses care for patients. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the mobile tools designed to streamline workflow processes for frontline workers. For instance, using a tablet device to access an electronic health record at the bedside saved time on administrative tasks for nurses, allowing for increased patient care, according to a 2022 study.

But healthcare workers need mobile devices built with them in mind, which means integrated and secure access to necessary applications, reliable connectivity, and useability. Devices should also be easy to clean and withstand repeated drops and vibrations.

As a registered nurse, these concepts were front of mind for me when testing the DT Research 313MD Rugged 2-in-1 medical tablet. The high-definition, 13-inch touch screen displays vivid images — ideal for viewing X-rays, CT scans or MRIs. And its powerful processor makes patient data capture quick and accurate for healthcare workers.

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Designed with Portability in Mind

Rugged tablet devices need to withstand the extremes of a healthcare setting. This tablet is built to military standards for drops, hits and tumbles. Repeated disinfection doesn’t affect the integrity of the exterior unit, which is a must for health and safety requirements.

Durability shouldn’t mean sacrificing portability, and that’s not an issue for the 313MD. The tablet device weighs just under 4 pounds, and holding it in one hand to enter data was easy to do horizontally or vertically while using the included strap.

The 313MD is purpose-built to support medical care and has industry certifications to back it up. The top of the unit does not have any exposed openings for mics or ports, and its antimicrobial enclosure decreases the risk of infection transmission. The fanless design also contributes to its sturdiness. These features prevent dust and microbes from entering the unit.

The device supports two battery modes: full battery mode and green mode. Green mode is beneficial for healthcare organizations that keep tablets charging all the time. Hot-swappable batteries allow for uninterrupted use to eliminate downtime: Changing them out while the device ran did not affect performance. This is a crucial feature for long shifts, emergencies and work performed in transit.

Image of tablet


Tailored to Withstand the Rigors of Engaged Healthcare Organizations

The tablet connects healthcare professionals to important applications and data through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G.

For simple and secure user access, employees can scan their IDs on the tablet using built-in radio-frequency identification technology, a much more convenient login and logout process than using passwords. There is also a barcode scanning capability for medication recording, specimen collection and more. Healthcare staff will have one less piece of equipment to carry around or store in patient rooms.

When it’s not being used as a handheld, nurses and clinicians can mount the 313MD on a wheeled medical cart, with an optional docking keyboard. The device is compact enough to facilitate telemedicine visits in small spaces.

High-quality front and rear cameras support clear videoconferencing, a vital feature as telemedicine advances. Taking photos at the bedside as part of the EHR for wound care or skin assessments can also be a quick process. This captures more accurate patient data than written assessments.

The DT Research 313MD Rugged 2-in-1 Medical Tablet is built to survive the challenges of healthcare. Employees can feel confident streamlining their workflows without sacrificing high-quality patient care.

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OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 10/11
DIMENSIONS: 10.1x13.2x0.80 inches
WEIGHT: 3.97 pounds
DISPLAY SIZE: 13.3 inches
PROCESSOR: Intel 13th Generation Core i5/i7 4-Core
CAMERA: 5 megapixels (front); 8 megapixels (rear)
BATTERY: 5400mAh, hot-swappable


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