Nov 03 2023

Review: Inoculating Healthcare Networks from the Latest Threats

Seamlessly protect applications, users, clouds and medical devices operating within healthcare environments with Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Access.

The increase in cyberattacks and threats in recent years has overwhelmed many traditional security applications and defenses operating within healthcare organizations.

But a modern platform approach, such as Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Access, can help protect users, connected medical devices, applications, data and just about everything else that exists within a typical enterprise healthcare network.

Deployed as a service using either Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud, the core Prisma Access platform is kept up to date and always available by Palo Alto Networks, leaving administrators free to concentrate on crafting highly secure policies to ensure that their facilities and the people who work there can operate safely.

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Gain Visibility and Control Across a Complex Healthcare Environment

The main interface for Prisma Access is accessible via a web portal. The platform’s dashboard is easy to read and understand at the top level, which provides an overview of network health and key security alerts that need to be addressed. Administrators can drill down all the way to specific devices to set policies, troubleshoot issues or investigate anomalous behavior.

Setting up firewall rules for devices through Prisma Access is straightforward. Personally owned devices can have software agents installed on them, giving administrators a lot of control over how the devices act and what they are allowed to access. Administrators can even prevent those devices from connecting to a network at all until certain security criteria are met.

Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Access


Improve Security of Internet of Medical Things Devices

Prisma Access is also designed to protect the thousands of Internet of Medical Things devices found in most hospitals. A Prisma user can quickly examine hundreds of connected medical devices, read about any vulnerabilities they have, discover what applications each device is running and get a history of network traffic generated by each device.

It’s even possible to drill down to individual devices — say, an MRI machine that’s generating a security alert. From there, an IT team member can work to fix the problem, isolate the machine, read about the related Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, tailor rules to mitigate bad behavior or simply take the device offline until the security alert can be officially cleared.

Healthcare environments have increasingly complex security needs, but a Software as a Service platform such as Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Access can help level the playing field. It’s a powerful platform that needs no management, letting admins fully concentrate on using its powerful tools to keep their environments safe and secure.


PRODUCT TYPE: Web-based firewall and security center
DEPLOYMENT: Software as a Service
HOSTED CLOUD SERVICES: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud
PROTECTED ELEMENTS: Users, applications, IoT and IoMT devices, cloud instances, data
LICENSE TYPE: Per seat, per year


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