May 13 2022

Review: ASUS Chromebook Enterprise Flip C436 Offers Robust Computing Power

This slight but sturdy laptop has the durability and speed to meet the rigors of healthcare.

The right laptop plays a huge role for clinicians and patients, from holding, transferring and managing sensitive patient data to processing payments and discharging. To perform these tasks effectively, laptops need to be fast, durable and versatile.

Today’s healthcare laptops should address productivity, stronger security and portability. These are not only the technology needs that healthcare requires, whether for charting or telehealth, but also what drives IT security compliance in this sector. With this in mind, the ASUS Chromebook Enterprise Flip C436 passes the test for durability, processing power and battery life.

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A Chromebook with Eye-Catching Design

This impressive Chromebook is a sleek and stylish laptop that offers military-grade durability and robust security, making it ideal for hospital use. Backed by the embedded Google Titan C security chip, the laptop keeps data integrity secure and bolsters user identity. The fingerprint reader adds a layer of security to device management that healthcare facilities need.

ASUS’s NanoEdge technology supports a clean and crisp 14-inch Full HD display, perfect for viewing X-ray images or patients during telehealth visits.

Powered to Help Clinician Workflows

Power and portability take center stage. With battery life reaching 12 hours, this Chromebook makes a huge difference, especially with its successfully tested quad-core Intel Core i5 processor with 16 gigabytes of RAM.

The laptop’s front-edge design makes it easier to open the lid when traveling, and the 360-degree ErgoLift hinge is smooth and holds the device firmly in various positions. Clinicians can use the laptop traditionally or convert it to a tablet format. The hinge also elevates the back of the device, providing an easier way to access the keyboard to use teleconferencing features.

ASUS Chromebook Enterprise Flip C436

Additionally, the powerful Wi-Fi 6 compatibility drives better performance when using remote features or transmitting high-resolution files.

Combined with Chrome OS, which was built for cloud-first security, this Chromebook can drive digital transformation for healthcare systems looking for mobility solutions. In kiosk mode, the Chromebook can be used as a digital sign-in tool for patients. End users will appreciate its ease of use, and IT teams will save time with its zero-touch enrollment capabilities. 


MECHANICAL DESIGN: 360-degree flip
EMBEDDED SECURITY: Titan C security chip
SECURITY FEATURES: Fingerprint reader
PROCESSOR: Quad-core Core i5


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